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It's hands free option keeps you ready! Reproduces the sounds of field mice and other rodents, attra..
12 Volt Power Pack
The FX Series & AR4 include powerful dual amplifier and dual speakers. While this hugely increases t..
A-Frame Double with Double Cut
Simple. Versatile. Dependable. The A-Frame uses a patent pending process to trap the reeds and keep ..
The Ace is an open reed cow call that gives you added call pitch versatility afforded by the open re..
Ampli-Fire Predator Call
The Cass Creek electronic Predator call with a built-in speaker. Calls Included: - Coyote Locator - ..
Backstabber Premium Instrument
The Backstabber, with its two-ended design, can perform a myriad of sounds. It can produce the sound..
Battlin' Bucks Bag
High-tech polymer reproduces sounds of real antlers as opposed to competitor's wooden sticks. 100% w..
BF1 - Brad Farris
Each of The Team Primos members has developed their own personal preferences as to what they want ou..
Bobcat Calls, Vol 1 Memory Card
Preymaster digital memory cards are for use with the Preymaster Digital Caller. Each card includes f..
Box Call Li'L Strut W/Li'L Strut Dia
Hunter's Specialties Inc. Strut Lil Box Call with Premium Flex Diaphragm Call Combo Pack Features: -..
Box Cutter
The Box Cutter's thumb hole groove positions your thumb perfectly so it acts as a spring allowing yo..
Call Squealing Hen
Hunters Specialties Squealing Hen Mouth Squealing Call Hunter's Specialties Squealing Hen Wild Turke..
Canada Goose Flute
An easy to use flute. Back pressure is controlled automatically with FLEX-end hose. Reproduces the l..
Cass Creek Nomad Predator Call Only
Enhance your chances with moving sound! Nomad Series calls from Cass Creek give you the ability to s..
The Change-Up is a bite call with dual tone boards allowing you to easily emulate the sounds of both..
Chris Ashley-1
Each of The Team Primos members has developed their own personal preferences as to what they want ou..
Combo Pack
The Combo Pack from Foxpro has the three most popular styles of hand calls. This pack includes the L..
Coyote Howler Call
Bite down and it sounds like a conventional rabbit in distress. Release the bite to make howls like ..
Coyote Squeaker MiniCall
The Cass Creek ..
Crow Call
Excellent for locating gobblers all day long after the early morning excitement is over. Great for c..
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