Owls, Crows & Songbirds

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Crow Call
A perfectly tuned crow call that will double as a turkey locator call. Use this call to shock gobble..
Crow Call
Excellent for locating gobblers all day long after the early morning excitement is over. Great for c..
Magnum Chukar
A few taps on The Magnum Chukar is all it takes to perfectly reproduce the cluck or cackle of the Ch..
Mini Crow - Sound Stick
MINI PHANTOM CROW These interchangeable Sound Sticks are the size of a stick of gum but pack a lot o..
Mini Phantom - Crow
Let your fingers do the talking with the all-new mini Phantom Digital Call. This call is chock full ..
Power Owl Locator Call
This new and improved design creates louder tones. Less air produces even louder tones. Creates more..
Valley Quail
The Valley Quail is a great locator call. Features: - New design for long-range locating - Versatile..
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